How Did Adam’s Peak Become My Hero

For the past two years, I’ve gone through a lot of heartbreaks. From losing my Papang on the first month working abroad to a failed three years relationship, and to losing a sister on my second year abroad which was also few weeks before my birthday.


Last September 7th, I was weeping alone in my bed reminiscing all these ordeals. Then the memories of my another sister who committed suicide clung into my head realizing that it’s the day she was born.
I wanted to walk. Just walk and cry my heart out. But I couldn’t. I was in my bed, right in Kuwait. Where it’s impossible to walk alone at night.


Right that time, I promised my self that I would hike somewhere. I told my self, that I could cry while hiking up. Up where I could see a beautiful sunrise. A majestic sunrise that would remind me every time that I had to move on and embrace everything that happened.


I ascended at 2AM, and was able to be at the peak around 5:45 AM. 5,200 to 5,600 steps. Exhausted and running out of breathe, I thought of quitting half my way up. I felt of going down with the man who had quit just an hour and half more before reaching the summit. But I wanted to fulfill a promise to myself. So I decided to continue. And there’s the beautiful sunrise. It was indeed surreal, because this was the best achievement I had. I was here on November 30,2015 , at the Adam’s Peak.

That triumphant moment of reaching the summit of 7,359 feet mountain for the first time and alone. A moment of unknowingly closing your eyes, inhaling the fresh and freezing cold air. Trying to contain the gratitude of conquering the fear on walking by yourself on unfamiliar dark paths and wild animals. Glorious victory!

12313951_1626604240938764_1636624836705794299_n (1)



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