Things To Fall In Love About Georgia

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Maybe it is too early to say if I will tell you that I have fallen in love to a certain country. I have only traveled two countries in a year, and it will be unfair to choose when you are inexperience compared to pro nomads out there. I even stopped reading travel blogs not to drown my self in devastation why I am already back in Kuwait, working.

As a newbie in a world of “wanderlust”, it is undoubtedly that Georgia is my first love. When my friends knew that I would be going back to Georgia for the second time, it was no surprise to me when they asked me “AGAIN?”, as if those words were echoing like it’s breaking my eardrums into pieces. I answered them wryly, “It’s a very beautiful country.” Though at the back of my mind, I was pertaining to lovely and friendly Georgians. My first experience of Georgia was an awful weather, don’t get me wrong, I love rain. I missed sitting beside the window when it’s raining when I was still in the Philippines. Sometimes, I even randomly took a rain shower at this age (not in Kuwait though,lol) . But who would enjoy outdoor while raining, not when you’re supposed to be there for sight seeing?

Never did I thought that summer season in Georgia would bedazzle me. The experience was beyond compare. My friends (Ros and Herden) and I, have a lot of reasons on what are the things to fall in love about Georgia.

1) Georgian hospitality is beyond words.

Amazing is definitely a euphemism about Georgia. If I could put all the highfalutin  words just to describe how friendly the people were then I would. There were only a few people who could converse in English but that did not hinder them to show how helpful and lovely they were. There was even a guy who walked five minutes with me just to find someone who could speak English and showed me the place I asked. Not to mention that two of our memorable days were simply hosted by Georgians we met on the road.

2) Never ending awesome street architectures.

The untiring long walks while exploring Georgia was because of the surprising beauty that we discover in each corner we get to visit. The buildings we passed by streets are every architect’s dream. As a Filipina, walking to a street with the feel of medieval era was a dream come true.

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3) Refreshing nature are just steps away.

I grew up beside the sea, even when we moved to a different province, our house was not beside the road but on a mountain. Whenever I’m feeling helpless, confused or depressed,  nature has always been my refuge. Working in the the Middle East doesn’t give me the satisfaction of renewing my soul. It felt good that I found my sanctuary even for a short time in Georgia.

4) Sweet wine!

I could still remember how the wine tasted. It was the sweetest wine that my taste buds would definitely want now. I prefer beer over wine, but when I tasted wines from Georgia, I guess the tables were turned.

5) Colorful T’bilisi at night.

Who doesn’t want a colorful and bright city at night? Ros even asked me how does their electricity  worked, I just answered, “Maybe it’s cheap, or they have their own source of energy that they could afford to lighten up the whole city”. Haha, sorry for my ignorance.

6) Georgians are music enthusiasts.

Walking along Rustaveli Avenue, the frustrated musician in me was so amazed that in every hundred steps away we passed by there were street performers. I wanted to just sit down, listen and feel the music. I did not even want to go back to our hostel though it was almost 12  midnight.

7) Freedom!

I was hesitant to wear backless, tube and see-through shirts, I even packed baggy shirts as alternative if in case I won’t be able to have the guts or pull it off on the street. It was my first time, and I was wrong. No one even cared what we were wearing. Even with the Georgians curious eyes if what planet did we come from, you won’t be able to see any malice why the heck we were wearing such “revealing” clothes. We were not even grabbed by someone in the dark streets, I never ever have had felt safer in my whole life not until I was in Georgia.


8) Tame dogs!

There was a belief we discussed about the dogs we met on the road, “Dogs are so tame to someone they first encountered (us) just because Georgians are kind hearted. Animals are also hospitable and friendly because people around them are showing it how to be.” Oh, we also named every dogs we met as Sheika. Sheika was one of the timid little girls at work which the dogs had reminded us. Ha ha! Too bad that we haven’t seen again the black dog, before we left Georgia, who accompanied us at the park playing guitar, skateboarding, picture taking, walking up until we found our first hostel.

9) Food

The grilled pork and the dumplings were my favorite. It’s difficult to elaborate how it tasted. There were some dishes that were more like arabic, and some were southeast asian food. It was delicious all in all.


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