Travel In Georgia For Only $100 In A Week

I am overwhelmed on how many people at work are very interested on how much I spent with my one week stay in Georgia. Scroll down to check!


If you’re holding a Kuwait residency permit, you are exempted  on visa up to 90 days. You can check this link to know if you need visa.

Return Tickets

Flydubai is the only budget airline that flies from Kuwait to Georgia. You have to keep in mind that there is no food  or entertainment included during the flight. You can order it on board or bring your own food.


We had our first night stay at the Freedom Square hostel for only 18 GEL (3 KWD or $9). Then from our second night onward, we stayed at the Georgian Guesthouse for only 55 GEL a night, which has three bedrooms. You can contact Magda to book your stay. The price of the hostel may vary, so you have to contact them directly instead. Freedom Square Hostel is a nice place to stay, but it is difficult to communicate because the care taker can’t speak English, unlike at the Georgian Guesthouse.

Here is the breakdown of my expenses. Note that I have to put it to different currencies for you to understand it better.

Georgian Lari = GEL   | Kuwaiti Dinar = KWD   |  US Dollar = USD  :

  • Hostel – 103 GEL    14 KWD   |  46 USD
  • 2x Cable Car –   1 GEL  |130 Fils   |   .45 USD
  • 5x Train – 2.5 GEL |   400 Fils |  1.2 USD
  • 2x Van (Didube – Bakuriani ) – 20 GEL |   2.70 KWD  9 USD
  • Horseback Riding – 20 GEL |   2.70 KWD  9 USD
  • 30 mins rent of Bicycle – 2.5 GEL  400 Fils | 1.2 USD
  • Botanical Garden – 1 GEL  130 Fils | .45 USD
  • Food and extra expenses: 74 GEL  10 KWD   33.15 USD

Total: 230 GEL / 31 KWD / 100 USD

Over all total with the return tickets (94 KWD/ 207 USD)  : 125 KWD / 275 USD
At this time, I am not yet in the mood to write anything how I managed to squeezed in my $100 in a week. I will be posting a different blog about it. It is just drowning me into sadness that I am out of Georgia and working again here in Kuwait. I hope i will be back on track.


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