Hilarious Comments Before or After Travelling

*Note: This is still an ongoing list, I will put new entries in the future as a collection of stories before or after a travel. 

Just the days before or after you travel, you will hear either an excitement or discouragement from people around you. May it be intentional or not, some people are really into badmouthing stuff they don’t even know. And I hate people who talk without even getting their facts straight. As a person who gets irritated easily, I always try to take a deep breathe, smile, and will just tell and show them my excitement what are other parts of the world have to offer. Here are the stories that will either discourage, piss you off, or make you laugh:

“Annie’s Aunt said, it’s a gulf and Islam country.” A comment from someone when she knew I would be tavelling to Georgia. Seriously? I was about to shout at her, are you stupid or what?! Instead, I just laughed out loud in amusement on where did this person get these ideas? I doubt it if it came from an internet search engine. Looking back on this conversation is still making me laugh. Internet is almost free anywhere and yet people fail to research. And why would a religion hinder you of going somewhere?

“Eww, it’s just a poor country.” Uhm? So? I chose countries if the cost of living is manageable. Why would I go to Switzerland or Luxembourg right away when in fact I’m just starting my journey of travelling. Who doesn’t want to go to US of A, or a Schengen country? Of course I do wanna see these countries, but as someone who is still starting I believe you have to “start small”. Just because the country is poor doesn’t mean it is ugly.

“Wow, rich kid.” No, I am not. If I were a rich kid then why am I working abroad in a less than $1,000 monthly salary? I would rather choose to stay in my home country managing our business, being a boss, and would definitely travel more often to rich countries.

“I was expecting you to be raped.”  *knock on wood* This is a terrible remark to welcome me back at work from Sri Lanka. And take note, those words came from a  Sri Lankan. Though one of our tour guides was a little aggressive to me, I had managed to just ignore and stayed away from him as much as i could. That at least gave him a hard time for doing some “chancing” (a Filipino slang word for secretly peeking, or slyly touching restricted body parts. It means that you use a “chance” to do the deed. Usually done on a friendly manner that makes it less offensive).



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